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Indigo Technologies is a strategic advisory company born out of the desire to have a world where technology contributes to the social good. We work with local governments, organizations and individuals to create awareness campaigns, educate the public, draft economic development strategies, and put policies in place to manage technological change and encourage community engagement. Indigo technologies has a belief in openness for government and organizations, and privacy for the individual. We believe in a world where openness and transparency in data will help create abundance, prosperity, and make our planet better.

About Us

Are you worried about your privacy?  We will audit of your privacy exposure and help you minimize it.  We will work with you on email encryption, secure anonymous browsing, and even text messaging.

Do you have large amounts of data and need to make sense of it?  We have the knowledge of how to shape, normalize, model and visualize your data in response to a list of questions you and other teams members choose to investigate, using statistical significance testing where required.

Awareness Campaigns. We work with organizations on awareness of efforts on criminal justice reform, juror rights, mandatory minimum sentencing, and other grassroots movements

Digital Security. We work with individuals and organizations to audit enterprise or individual privacy. We provide a framework for auditing NGO privacy to facilitate secure communications. We provide a training curriculum that includes safe browsing, protecting against phishing and social media safety.

Open Data. We work with organizations working with hard-to-reach communities to help them gain access to publicly available data, making it relatively easy and free to use, helping making sense of the data, therefore helping governments create a viable marketplace for the data.

About Us